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McCoy's Action Karate is dedicated to teaching people of all ages, from 2 1/2 up, to face life with courage and faith, knowing that they have the knowledge, power and attitude necessary to succeed in life.

We do this by teaching methods of Excellence in Self Defense, Karate, MMA, Cardio, Fitness, Leadership, Character and Mastery of their Mind, Body and Spirit.

We are all about the student.


MAK Honors Medical Personnel & First Responders athe their August Graduation. Click Here for more information.

STARS Worksheets - What Martial Arts Mental Quality we are Teaching Right Now!

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Memorial Day Parade

iMAK Honoring those who did not come home. Click HERE for more information!



What's New:

demoMAK has a FREE Text Messaging Service

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Updated: September 2, 2016


MAK has a FREE Text Messaging Service

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Updated: September 2, 2016

Current News:

Relay for Life: MAK's Relay for Life starts September 9. Click here changes in class time and events for the weekend.


Updated: September 2, 2016


2016 Special Teams Workshop
WHO: All current and prospective members of SWAT, FIST, MaxEdge, Waveriders
WHEN: Saturday 9/24 1:30-3:30
WHAT: Team Tee shirt (if current member) and outdoor shoes
AND!!!!! Sign up before 8pm, Tuesday 9/20 for a special, secret bonus!!!

Recent Events:

WHO: All Students, all classes
WHEN: Last full Week of August 2016
WHAT: Awesomeness
AND!!!!! 1000's of Photographs

Click Here for Photos

Updated: September 2, 2016

demo2016 M.A.K Annual Picnic

Another great end of summer gathering with outdoor training and 2015-2016 awards!!

Click Here for Photos

Updated: September 2, 2016





Changes to the Schedule

May 27 - Saturday and May 29 Monday - Memorial Day Weekend - No Classes. Memorial Day Parade Monday May 29.

May 29 - Memorial Day Parade - Click Here for Information.


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What to Schedule a Demonstration of Presentation?

  • McCoy's Action Karate has many programs we routinely present outside of the karate school, and include some of these:
    • Tai Chi for Corporations and Organizations - Stress Relief and Focus
    • 20 - 45 minute Presentations on Bully Smart, Self Defense, Focus, And Success
    • Stand Alone Karate Demonstrations for high energy Entertainment
    • Adult Self Defense Seminars
    • Karate Demonstrations for Birthday Parties and other Events
  • We have taught and performed at many business and organizations within New England and as far away as the Philippines, including:
    • Scouts
    • Schools
    • Youth Groups
    • Churches
    • Fairs
    • Corporations and Corporate Conventions
    • Parties
    • Professional Sporting Events
    • Fraternal Organizations
  • For More Information click Here

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Changing Lives Everyday!
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