MAK After School Success Program

This page is a basic explaination about our awesome After School Success program, and a method to obtain more information.


McCoy's Action Karate's After School Success Program

Our Mission

At McCoy's Action Karate's After School Success Program, we provide way more than child care. We not only pick them up at their school, we not only give them time to do their homework, but they will also learn Martial Arts. We don't try to increase your child's self esteem, confidence and leadership abilities, we actually do it. Martial Arts at McCoy's Action Karate is all about making measurable changes in our students life starting from the very first class. And we do it very cost effectively.

Call McCoy's Action Karate today and ask us why we are the best choice for your child's after school program ..

What Does it Cost

But what about cost? Hey, we are parent's too, and understand that there is only so much time and money to go around. That is why we have designed this Win – Win After School Karate Program. For one low price, you get After School Care that really is far above and beyond other programs, but you also get them training for a Black Belt. Time/Dollar value that you can not touch other than at McCoy's Action Karate.

It really comes down to this. We care about your children and you. Ask us. It's not like anything else you have ever done. It's not our business or our job. It is Your Kids. We know what and who we are about it, and you will too.

What Do We Do

Our program starts with us picking them at school and continues until 5:30pm on school days. If there are pre-planned development days, days off, or stress days in the school schedule, we also have a day camp that day, and it is included in our regular weekly fee. No kidding. On those days, we start at 7:30am. At both schools.

What We Provide:

Free Transportation To and From Their School

Personal Development and Leadership training in class and out - in our SWAT team - S(pecial) W(inning) A(ttitude) T(eam)

Time set aside for homework, games, and other fun activities!

And exciting Martial Art Classes!

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Changing Lives Everyday!
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