Demonstrations and Presentations at McCoy's Action Karate

McCoy's Action Karate has a large varity of programs that we "Take On The Road," including demonstrations and teaching programs for schools, businesses and groups. We have taught safety, self defense, confidence, tai chi, focus and personal power in 4 countries as well. On this page you will find the programs we would be happy to present for you.


Karate Demonstration

McCoy's Action Karate's Professional Demonstration Team

McCoy's Action Karate has presented demonstrations to: Scouts, Boys & Girls Club, Public and Private Schools primary through College, Business Block Parties and Events, Church Fairs, Church Youth Groups, Town Events, Fraternal Society Programs both in and out of doors, Professional Sporting Events (including to date, Baseball, Hockey and Basketball, professional wrestling), First Night, Private Birthday Parties at homes and businesses and Town and Regional Fairs.

Our demonstration can be anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour long, and we can repeat them for as long as you need. The material in the Demonstration and be keyed to whatever theme you are looking for from entertainment to teaching self defense or even focus or sportsmanship.

We have performed in at least 7 Coutries including Russia, China, Italy, Scotland, Ireland, Philippians and the United States, and we would love to perform for you.

Most of our demonstrations are free, though if we are performing for a professional organization for entertainment purposes, we might ask for nominal fees for material we consume in the demonstration (breaking) and at times for transportaion fees outside of our local area.

If your would like more information about our demonstrations, give us a call at 508.832.4110, or fill out this form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Teaching Programs For Children

Programs for Schools, Churches and Organizations with Children as the Primary Audience

We are not just another karate school.  We teach our students to always do their best (Attitude), control their Behavior (how they do things) and show their Character by following through with their tasks. This is what we call the ABC’s of Success.

Download Children's Information

We have several classroom presentations we use for teaching children, including: The ABC’s of Success, I’m Not a Tree (A Thick Skinned approach to bullies), No Touchie (A Self Control approach to limiting physical contact), as well as a straight up approach to bullying called Bully Busting TM by Dr. Terrence Webster-Doyle where we use A.R.M., (Avoid, Resolve, Manage) to deal with bullies and finally, Summer Safety, where we teach the Awareness of People, Places and Things that can harm them.

We have done this locally in classroom, church, school, scouts, Boys & Girls Clubs, local business and for towns and even taught the ABC’s of Success to 5000 High School Students and 1200 Elementary School students, at one time, in the Philippines.

To set a day and time for us to make our presentation, simply fill out the permission slip below and have our student in common return it to me.  If for any reason you require additional information, please call me at 508.832.4110, or fill out the form below, and we will get the information to you.

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Teaching Programs For Teens and Adults

Self Defense, Tai Chi, Focus and Team Work Programs

McCoy's Action Karate has several Teen/Adult programs we have run for Businesses and Organizations both at our school and at their locations. We teach Self Defense Seminars and Women's Self Defense Seminars, which normally are 90 minutes long, though we can adjust both the length and the number of classes. We teach Tai Chi in a group setting as well, and this seminar is usually between 60 and 90 minutes, and very adpatable to relaxation, foucs and team work. All of these programs are ususally fee based.

If you would like more information on MAK programs give us a call at 508.832.4110 and ask for Anne, or fill out the form below, and we will contact you.

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