Black Belt Review by the Masters McCoy

100% Review of the material needed in forms and self defense for black belt, children and adults.


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And Who Should Attend?

Any Red Black Belt or Apprentice Black Belt may attend. Attendance does not assure that an candidate will be invited to test for black belt, or if they have already been invited, that they will pass, but it does cover 100% of their forms, weapons and self defense requirments, and it is taught by the Masters McCoy.

So, if you are a Red Black Belt, and Apprentice Black Belt, or a Tang Soo Do Black Belt, you should attend.

The classes are closed to only Red/Black Belts, Cho Dan Bos and Black Belts.

That means, like the black belt tests, no friends or families may attend and no other color belts. Removing the visual and emotional tag back that occurs when someone is under stress in the martial arts, at a class like this, allows us to teach and imprint much more information in a far shorter time.

What's Covered at the Workshop

Forms Workshop
(Kenpo: AK forms 1 - 10, Black Belt Form, Bo Form, Kama Set, Sai Form)
(Tang Soo Do: All Gup forms, Pong Form 1, Kama Set, & Adv. Hyungs for Dans)

Saturday February 7, 2014 2:00pm - 5:00pm

Self Defense Workshop
100 % of Required Self Defense and 100% of the Throws and Ground Techniques required to test to Black Belt

Saturday March 7, 2014 2:00pm - 5:00pm

A DVD from each workshop will be made available as well, with 100% of the material needed, much of it with the candidates themselves doing the techniques, on the DVD. This will accomplish two things at the same time. First, they will have a record for practice of all of the required techniques. Second, sometimes seeing yourself and/or your peers doing something you find difficult gives you the added confidence needed to achieve success.


Each Class’s Tuition is only $45 (Now 3 Hours Long.)

DVD for each class is $25

Register Here - Red/Black Belts & Apprentice Black Belts

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