Hyper Fight Club at MAK

Not only is MAK a Hyper Pro Training School, but it is also a Hyper Fight club school.



fcaA place for people to go where they escape the pressure of the world, kick on the music and train with their friends and coaches. An experience where athletes learn the most progressive self-protection and fighting techniques with the mind-set to conquer their biggest fears and opponents. They develop their core values and respect to help them achieve their goals and dreams. They are on a team with top trainers, martial arts students and athletes worldwide who will stand up for their beliefs and protect themselves and their family.

Welcome to the Hyper Fight Club experience at MAK - Our way of increasing the skill, reducing the brawling and making it fun for everyone.

The Hyper Fight Club motivates students and gives them the leverage and ability to rule their life. There is no confidence like self defense confidence. The ability to walk the school hallways or streets knowing you can protect yourself and your family. It's never about fighting. It's being empowered to try your best and give each day your all.

hfclThis power will change the life of every person who takes our Hyper Fight Club sessions, which are during the HIT classes, as we prepare our athletes for the ring and our students for their lives. They win in the ring and in life.

Check out https://www.facebook.com/hyperfightclub for all the information you can deal with, and join the world wide community.

Who Can Attend HFC

Starting in September 2014, its part of every class from BBTC Little Dragons through Teens and Adults.

If you want the full program, with the fastest and most productive growth and instruction, you will need to attend HIT class, renamed Fight club, with the times and ages show to the left. MTC membership (BBTC for Little Dragons) is required to attend these special classes.

You can expect to find the joy in sparring by rapid increase in basic and advanced skills, programed and taught in a logical order, and tested at your level, without the fear of getting kicked into the next country. This is designed to bring the amount of Fight that YOU need, and to protect you as you develop at each level.

Imagine that for a moment. You get to test your ability to fight, think on your feet, and against another person without having to fear hurting them or being hurt. At the same time, if you are a competitive fighter, this class will allow you to bring the level of your fight to whatever height you want.

Perhaps, this is the fight club you should talk about.



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Changing Lives Everyday!
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