Intent to Promote

McCoy's Action Karate is all about giving the parents of our children students every tool for success in their children's lives as we can. The intent to promote form is once such tool designed to give the parent's the ability to tie behavior at school and home directly to stripe testing.


What is the Intent to Promote?

Ultimate tool for Tie Behavior at Home and/or School to Stripe Testing

McCoy's Action Karate has a program we call "Intent to Promote" where we give your child's ability to successfully stripe test to the parent, at least as far as Behavior at Home and School goes. The form is optional, and can be used during the school year, buy have the teacher fill out he top half and the parent the bottom half. You can use the form during non-school months buy just using the bottom half.

Let us know what you expect for reporting from you and you child, so we know if they are allowed to receive a stripe. You set the goals. If you would us to talk to your child, to set the goal, just let us know, and we we will get right on it.

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