MAK Private Lesson Programs

This page is a basic explaination about private lessons at MAK.


Private Lessons at MAK

What are Private Lessons?

1/2 Hour classes with a FIST, Jr. Instructor, Sr. Instructor, Master Instructor or Owner. We cover whatever level of increased knowledge and performance you want. Areas of concentration we would suggest would include:

Curriculum Review - for Testing;
Black Belt Testing Prepartation;
Make up classes for missed Curriculum or time;
Self Defense - outside of our normal curriculum or in review;
Tune Up for Tournaments;
Advancement or Tune up in any of our Programs, Krav Maga, Tang Soo Do, Kenpo or Tai Chi
Making up for missed classes or curriculum (Each Private Lesson is worth 2 Classes.)

What is the Tuition and Who Teaches Them? (All tuitions are for 1/2 classes)

FIST - $25/class
Jr. Instructor - $30/class
Sr. Instructor - $40/class
Master Instructor - $50/class
Owners - $100/Class

How do you schedule them?

See Mrs. McCoy at the front desk to schedule Private Lessons. If there is a Web site Special, it is listed below, and can only be purchased online while it remains on the site. Mrs. McCoy will find out which instructors can assist you during the times that you require. We suggest you schedule the number of the classes you will need at the same time to ensure that you have time.

Web Special


Once you have paid for your special private lessons package, listed above, see Mrs. McCoy at MAK to schedule the lessons with whoever the special is for. If there is a limited number of packages available, as there will be for all Sr. Instructors, Master Instructors and Owners, we scheudle the one who reserve their spots first.



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