KickTBI. Ninja - proving MAK is Serious about Head Injury

MAK is serious about helping those with head injuries, or TBI, learn to come back to the world. Use this page to help us.


According to, a "traumatic brain injury, often referred to as TBI, is most often an acute event similar to other injuries. That is where the similarity between traumatic brain injury and other injuries ends. One moment the person is normal and the next moment life has abruptly changed."

That's as diplomatic and understated as you can get when explaining what TBI is and what it does to the person that has one, and to a larger extent, the person's family.

We at McCoy's Action Karate are VERY aware of TBI, as the McCoy's are a family that live with TBI, since Paul McCoy had a bicycle accident back in the 80's, and sustained a brain injury, (Yes, he was wearing a helmet, thus he is alive). Kang Jang Nim Anne McCoy, in an effort to give to those very families that have a TBI person, has been running in "Run for Home Base," every year since its founding.

The MAK "You Can't Touch This" Injury Shirt

In an effort to make sure those who have suffered a concussion or have TBI are not hit, moved or jarred, thus increasing the chance of long term injury, we have created our own Head Injury Jersey - the "You Can't Touch This," uniform t-shirt.


We don't have many head injuries at our school; however, we don't really care where it happens. What matters is that you don't get re-injured and that you recover. If you have questions about whether or not you may wear the shirt is out classes, see an instructor or call Anne McCoy at 508.832.4110.

Anyone may buy the shirt to wear it in support of the idea or our effort anywhere else in the world. Please do. Awesome cause.

In other words, you can also purchase the shirt to wear anywhere but in class, even if you have never been injured, in support of kicking TBI symptoms off the planet.

A percentage of every shirt purchase goes to Run For Home Base, in support of TBI and other brain injures as a result of combat on our military personal.

Help Us stop the horrible results of this injury and help the families of those who have one. Buy a shirt at MAK, or on-line, below. If you buy one below, allow for approximately 2 weeks for delivery, as we run out rather quickly, and might not have the size you want in stock. The price is $30 and includes shipping to Continental United States addresses. If you would like to purchase more one or more for shipment to other places, or you want a bulk price (24 or more shirts) use the "Non Standard Purchase Information" part of the form below to request information.

Please share this page. Get people to make this shirt viral. Help MAK and Kawn Jang Nin Anne McCoy stomp this injury and it effects out. Bookmark and Share


runSabum Nim Anne McCoy is Running again For TBI

The 2014 RUN TO HOME BASE presented by New Balance is a unique and special event that celebrates our military heroes and raises necessary funds for the Red Sox Foundation and Massachusetts General Hospital Home Base Program. The Home Base Program is committed to serving the needs of veterans with combat stress and/or traumatic brain injury and their families, but we need your support.

Your support to the Home Base Program will help to ensure that local veterans who served our country receive the clinical treatment they need for combat stress and/or traumatic brain injury, and that their families get the guidance and support they need. The Home Base Program also seeks to advance innovative treatments that hold the most potential for helping veterans with combat stress and/or traumatic brain injury and their families.

Anne's mission is personal to the degree that Paul McCoy, her husband, has TBI, and the services and treatments available today were not available to her and her family, so she is once again, doing something about it.

Donate Now to Anne's Run for Home Base Fund directly, without buying a shirt, Click HERE.



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