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What's New:

demoMAK has a FREE Text Messaging Service

Want to know when classes are cancelled? Changed?

Want to know when anything changes?

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Updated: September 2, 2016


MAK has a FREE Text Messaging Service

MAK has a Free Student Newsletter

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Updated: September 2, 2016

Current News:

Relay for Life: MAK's Relay for Life starts September 9. Click here changes in class time and events for the weekend.


Updated: September 2, 2016


2016 Special Teams Workshop
WHO: All current and prospective members of SWAT, FIST, MaxEdge, Waveriders
WHEN: Saturday 9/24 1:30-3:30
WHAT: Team Tee shirt (if current member) and outdoor shoes
AND!!!!! Sign up before 8pm, Tuesday 9/20 for a special, secret bonus!!!

Recent Events:

WHO: All Students, all classes
WHEN: Last full Week of August 2016
WHAT: Awesomeness
AND!!!!! 1000's of Photographs

Click Here for Photos

Updated: September 2, 2016

demo2016 M.A.K Annual Picnic

Another great end of summer gathering with outdoor training and 2015-2016 awards!!

Click Here for Photos

Updated: September 2, 2016

About The New MAK

The McCoys:

Anne McCoy began her Martial Arts training in 1990 in Tang Soo Do under Masters Mike Bogdanski and Grand Master Robert Cheezic. She is the Senior Master and an owner at the New MAK. Her training includes Judo, American Kenpo, Krav Maga and Tai Chi.

Barbi McCoy began her student of Martial Arts in 1989 at the age of 3 in Tang Soo Do with Mike Bogdanski. She continued her training in Tang Soo Do through the present. She added varsity wrestling at Pomfret School in Pomfret Ct while in High School, and stared training in Taekwondo under the Masters Destolfos at Destolfos Martial Arts in Conshocken PA. She has continued her training with XMA and American Kenpo. She is one of the owners of the New MAK.

Paul McCoy began his study of Martial Arts by training in collegiate Wresting at in High School, 1971 - 1975 Culver Academies. He continued his martial training at Denison University 1975 - 1979 in Granville Ohio both were he began his Karate Training in Shorin Ryu under Gary Barry. In 1989 He began training with Mike Bogdanski in Tang Soo Do and American Kick Boxing. In 1995 he began training in American Kenpo under Black Belt Schools of America and Eliud Sanchez. He continued his training in Krav Maga in the early 2000 and Tai Chi. He is a Student - Instructor at the New MAK.

In the Beginning:

MAK exists for one reason. Anne, Paul and Barbi McCoy want to give back to the community. Paul McCoy sustained a Traumatic brain injury, ending his career and nearly his life. The McCoy's were told, with a 2 year old child, that Paul would spend the rest of his life in a hospital and their marriage would not survive. Two things got in way of this predicted and statistically accurate prediction. First, Anne's and Barbara's faith in God kept the family together. Second, Martial Arts added purpose, control, focus, and the discovered talent of teaching in all of the McCoy's lives. Suddenly, they had the ability to give back to the community, where before, there was nothing but darkness. So we began to teach, and discovered our path in life gave us the ability to help others. So we do.

What the New MAK has Done:

In terms of Martial Arts, we have created 8 Master Belts in Tang Soo Do and more than 700 black belts as of 2011. We have touched well over 20000 lives, 10,000 of them in Central MA. We have taught in Public Schools, Private Schools, Churches, Youth Groups, Scouts, Boys & Girls Clubs, Camps, DARE programs, Businesses, Fairs and more. We have done all that in 4 countries. We are changing lives, because our Black Belts, our Teachers and our Master Belts not only respect people, but respect their needs to develop and grow.


We have many programs for individuals and families:


Tang Soo Do - Teens/Adults
Kenpo - Children

Other Martial Arts

Krav Maga and MMA - Teens/Adults
Tai Chi - Adults

Performance Programs

XMA - Extreme Martial Arts
High End Professional Demonstration Team
Special Winning Attitude Team
Tournament Team

Fitness Program

Fitness Classes for Teens/Adults - CDF

Children's Camps and School Programs

Summer Drop Off Camps
After School Karate with Pick Up
School Vacation Camps

Leadership Training Team

FIST - Instructor and Leadership Training Team
SWAT - Entry Level Leadership training and Demonstration Skills




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Changing Lives Everyday!
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